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Ariens Professional 36" EZ-Launch EFI 420cc Two Stage Blower

Ariens Professional 36" EZ-Launch EFI 420cc Two Stage Blower
Ariens Professional 36" EZ-Launch EFI 420cc Two Stage Blower
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  • 36 inch Clearing Path: Able to clear away 36 inch width of snow. Saves yourself time while offering efficient snow clearing.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission: Gives you the ability to change the speed without shifting gears. Provides you with a smoother ride while clearing off that snow.
  • Ariens AX EZ-Launch 420cc EFI Engine: Able to start up in 20 degree weather, this engine gives you one less thing to worry about so you can keep your focus on removing that snow.
  • Commercial Grade Handle Bars: Gives you that vigorous look that all Ariens snow blowers offer. Provides sturdy and strong grip, gives you maximum control while plowing.
  • Freeze Resistant 14 inch, 3 Blade and 16 inch Auger: Able to withstand the most frigid temperatures, performance never slides in cold temperatures and always stays reliable.
  • Molded Friction Disk: Has fewer parts within. Provides an easy service and performance when in use.
  • Auto-Turn Steering: Automatically senses change in direction as your turning. Allows changing of direction to be a lot smoother and easier.
  • Heated Hand-warmers: Keeps your hands warm as if your by a campfire. Allows more time to stay on the snow blower along with a better grip for yourself.
  • 16 inch Snow Tread Tires: Provides an accurate grip upon any snow surface. Makes sure your snow blower is staying on course removing snow.
  • Interlocking Controls Offers the option to lock both handles. Gives you time to adjust chute rotation while your on the go.
  • Drift Cutters: Able to extend beyond the height of the auger. Knocks down towering drifts into the auger process.
  • Quick Turn Chute Control: Rotates up to 200 degrees and able to adjust discharge angle. Provides a broad range to eliminate snow.

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