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Scag SWZT48H-15FSE 48 inch 15 HP (Kawasaki) Hydro-Drive Walk Behind Mower

Scag SWZT48H-15FSE 48 inch 15 HP (Kawasaki) Hydro-Drive Walk Behind Mower
Scag SWZT48H-15FSE 48 inch 15 HP (Kawasaki) Hydro-Drive Walk Behind Mower
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This Scag SWZT48H-15SFSE Walk Behind Mower offers optimal performance, operator comfort, and easy-to-use controls. Reach up to 15 HP with the Kawasaki FS541V engine and the Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 provides smooth, variable speed along with bi-directional control for an optimal performance. Ergonomic hand controls, thumb activated neutral locks, and an instrument panel to make this mower operator-friendly. Set your mowing height in 1/4 increments with the 48" fabricated cutting deck designed with commercial grade steel for a long lasting life. And, mow over rough terrain easily with the 18 inch drive tires.

  • Kawasaki FS541V Electric Start Engine: Reach up to 15 HP for maximum power with the Kawasaki FS541V engine.
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 Transmission: Smooth, variable speed and bi-directional control is provided for an optimal performance and long life.
  • Cutting Speed: Zoom through lawns at a maximum speed of 7 mph to get your jobs done quickly.
  • Ergonomic Hand Controls: Low force hand controls are placed at the natural angles of your hands for operator comfort. Controls are located on the underside of the handlebar risers to keep hands safe during operation.
  • Thumb-Activated Neutral Locks: Engagement without taking your hands off the controls.
  • Operator Presence Controls: Convenient and lightweight for operator safety and comfort.
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: Choose from 1.5-4.5 inches in 1/4 inch increments for the perfect cut every time.
  • 48" Fabricated Deck: Durability is enforced with the commercial-grade steel cutter deck that offers a 10-gauge cutter deck and a 11-gauge spindle reinforcement plate.
  • Heavy-Duty Skid Plates: Protects the transaxles from curbs and foreign objects, can also be removed for maintenance.
  • Instrument Panel: Find the key switch, throttle, fuel gauge, electric blade brake switch, and more on the convenient instrument panel.
  • Heavy-Gauge Handle Tower: Protect the control linkages and crucial components.
  • Rear Handlebar Bumper: Protects steering linkage from transport damage.
  • Large Fuel Tank: Fill up less for reduced downtime to keep you out cutting.
  • 18" Drive Tires: Provide stability over uneven terrain.
  • Parking Brake: Prevents slipping on slopes and uneven terrain when stopped.
  • Ogura PTO Clutch Brake: Engages cutter blades and has an adjustable airgap for a long life.
  • Split-Steel Pulley: Durable design offers matched precision and a lightweight frame for reduced inertia and less wear on the cutter deck drive system.
  • Marbain Cutter Blades: Unbeatable performance is featured to stay sharp longer.
  • Front Caster Arms: Extra durable design to handle rigged environments.
  • Self-Adjusting Cutter Deck Drive Belt System: A spring-tension, self-adjusting cutting deck adds to belt life and eliminates adjustments.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy maintenance and clean access to the engine for service points.
  • Warranty: Residential warranty is 3 year/500 hour and commercial warranty is a 2 year.

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